TOOOL is The Open Organisation of Lockpickers, a growing group of enthusiasts interested in locks, keys and ways of opening locks without keys.

First Time? Read this!

TOOOL holds meetings which are open to all members and guests who accompany members. Each local chapter schedules their own meeting times and places. By staying in touch with your local contact or by participating in the TOOOL Slack you can keep yourself informed of what's happening.

You can also subscribe to the TOOOL AU calendar by right clicking and copying the link to our ICS file. For more information on how to subscribe to the calendar see this blog post written by Justin Pot and view the instruction on how to Subscribe to an Online Calendar.

For more information on how to become a member of TOOOL AU please see out Membership page.

Code of Ethics

All members and guests of TOOOL AU are expected to abide by our strict code of ethics as well as our code of conduct.