Becoming a Member

Membership in TOOOL (The Open Organisation of Lockpickers) is open to all who agree to follow the organization's Code of Ethics and act in a safe and responsible manner. Simply introduce yourself to your local chapter and learn more about joining us at a meeting.

If there is no local meeting of TOOOL currently taking place near you, we still welcome your interest and enthusiasm. You can shoot an email to membership (at) toool (dot) com (dot) au and we'll keep your details on file and happily contact you if others in your area also express a desire to gather.

Membership runs from January 1st through December 31st and costs $45 per (part of) a year.

Existing members of TOOOL NL/US/UK/BE/NO get 50% off yearly membership costs with proof of membership.

Existing members of the Australian Locksport Guild get 22% off yearly membership costs with proof of membership.

Membership Benefits

As a member of TOOOL Australia you can visit all Australian TOOOL-gatherings. You get discounted entry to all TOOOL run workshops and field trips.

Membership fees also contribute to purchasing new equipment and to help run workshops at a minimised cost.

All staff of TOOOL are volunteers and do not get paid a salary for their contributions, all costs associated with running TOOOL are subsidised by volunteers and membership fees.

Chapters Near Me

TOOOL holds meetings which are open to all members and guests who accompany members. Each local chapter schedules their own meeting times and places. By staying in touch with your local contact or by participating in the TOOOL Slack Group you can keep yourself appraised of what's happening.

And if you are curious about the laws concerning lockpicks and lockpicking in Australia, we've put up this helpful page summarizing the concerning some of the laws from each state - please remember this does not constitute legal advise and if you have any concerns to contact a personal lawyer.

Current TOOOL Chapters


Location Information Contact
Melbourne Meet monthly on the third Tuesday of the month melbourne (at) toool (dot) com (dot) au

Starting your own chapter

Get in touch with TOOOL Australia to let us know that you're out there and to give us an idea of where you are located. We'll mark you down in our list of interested parties and let you know if others from your region have expressed a desire to learn about picking. If there is no TOOOL chapter near you, we'll work with you to give you the best possible resources to learn more and try to point you in directions where you may meet other potential pickers.

If a standing, monthly meeting becomes established and is attended by ten to twelve people with regularity TOOOL will invite you to officially start a chapter in your area.

It should be noted that when a chapter reaches this point, before things can proceed much further TOOOL will need to know the names of those who are involved in a developing chapter. We do not run criminal background checks through any law enforcement channels, nor do we maintain lists for purposes of marketing or sales. However, we are committed to being fully above-board and fostering an air of openness as opposed to an "underground" mentality.

Many of our members are established in the hacker/techy scene and consequently are known by casual nicknames. This is totally acceptable, but the TOOOL leadership does maintain a private database detailing each member's true name and valid contact info.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, we suggest you email us at meetings (at) toool (dot) com (dot) au.

This Membership process has been borrowed and updated from TOOOL US.